SUS started implementing smart grid technology in 2004 after geographically locating all of the electrical system facilities in a GIS.  Distribution automation (DA) is a system that enables an electric utility to monitor, coordinate and operate distribution components in real-time from remote locations.  DA plays a significant role in power distribution network operation and power quality.  Through the installation of smart grid technology, SUS has seen results in increased reliability and power quality.  DA includes advanced metering infrastructure, smart grid management software, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.  SUS has employed feeder redundancy, back-feeds, multiple power sources, underground power lines, and on-site generation to provide quality electrical service as part of their smart grid master plan.  In addition to GIS and SCADA, SUS also utilizes automated staking, substation automation, and smart switches to monitor and control electric power operations.  With the continued installation of fiber-optic network, which is the communications backbone, SUS strives to create a grid that can heal itself for maximum performance and predictive analysis.

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